“Water” at thegallery8680

august 5th– september 11th

Cypress Creek by Misty Oliver Foster


We may be having a drought right now, but there is no shortage of water at thegallery8680.

“Water,”  thegallery8680’s newest show, opens this Friday night.  The exhibit, curated by gallery director Robyn Parker Feehan, features dozens of diverse works of art, displaying each artist’s interpretation of water.

Previous shows have been selected by invitation only, but this is thegallery8680’s first show that included an open call for artists.  The gallery received submissions from all over North Texas, and is featuring several artists who are new to showing in Frisco.

Feehan even used her connections with artists in other parts of the world to secure a series of paintings from Australian artist Lavinia Hobbs, which feature the lifestyle of Madagascar. 


Smile at Night by Lavinia Hobbs


When explaining her interest for the theme of water, Feehan explains, “Water is our life source, our most precious resource.  We use it for recreation and survival.”

 Paintings, drawings, photography, prints and mixed media works all explore the many uses and visions of water around the world.


Wily the Whale by Renee Brown

 Take time to cool off and join the party Friday night, with artwork set to the backdrop of the sultry Caribbean sound of Tania Cordobes.

The Opening Reception is this Friday, August 5th 2011 from 7:00pm – 9:00pm at thegallery8680, 8680 Main Street, Frisco 75034.  The show continues through September 11.  For more information, contact Robyn at the information below.

 robyn parker feehan

creative director
p 214-585-8175

b http://thegallery8680.blogspot.com/


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