7b. Holey Bowls by Andrea Brashier


Andrea Brashier is a healthcare professional by day, and a ceramic artist by night. She formally began her journey in ceramics as an undergrad art minor in 2008. She continued to take community clay classes, most recently at the Creative Arts Center of Dallas. Since 2013 she has practiced independently in East Dallas. Her first solo show was at the Firehouse Pottery and Gallery in Fort Worth in early 2016, and she has won two blue ribbons in the State Fair of Texas Creative Arts 2016 competition in ceramics.

AndreaBrashierAndrea’s creative process is inspired by a deep need to decompress, while also establishing order, pattern, and predictability. It’s also a whole lot of fun. Mastery of the technical Holey Bowl technique has taken many years of trial and error- Andrea’s first collapsed Holey Bowl did not come without tears. Over time, she was able to tweak all of the variables and produce a consistent, geometrically sound yet organic, versatile, and functional home décor piece suitable for any home.

2-nesting-bowls-2015Many of the Holey Bowls in this collection are made of Trinity Ceramic Supply’s speckled buff clay, which is high fired to cone 6 and is embedded with iron flecks. Glazes range from matte to glossy and are all food safe. Andrea’s Holey Bowls make great fruit bowls, sponge dishes, or centerpieces. The artist recommends hand washing to avoid wear and tear.

If you are interested in purchasing or commissioning a piece of Andrea’s work, you may contact her at Andrea.Brashier@gmail.com

See more of Andrea’s work on Instagram @holeybowls.

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