On “The Edge” at Laura Moore

The Edge


McKinney, Texas, July 25, 2011 –

Laura Moore Fine Art Studios presents a juried art exhibition that is the result of an annual open call to artists. This year artists were asked to creatively respond to the theme “The Edge”. Over 60 local and national artists, each with their unique interpretation of the theme, were selected for this exhibition. More than 100 works of art are included in the exhibition, each with a phrase, quote, or poem that explains how the art depicts the theme.

“The Edge” includes art that is on the cutting edge, edgy subject matters, and unusual treatments of the edges of canvases and sculptures, to name just a few of the depictions of the theme. For some artists “The Edge” proved to be a rather thought provoking challenge and they chose to push themselves beyond the edge of the comfort zone of their typical art making process. Some artists featured interesting edges of objects
in photography, paintings and sculptures. One artist took their preferred medium to the edge of its capabilities by pouring over 25 layers of watercolor over paper. Another focused on the selection of art making tools and created a painting using only the edge of a piece of cardstock. Hard edges, soft edges and obscure edges are all represented. One artist used the tire of their Mazda Miata in the process of creating a sculpture.

Opening night for “The Edge” is Saturday, August 13th 7-10pm. This large group exhibition will be on display through September 7 at Laura Moore Fine Art Studios, 107 S Tennessee and next door at 105 S Tennessee in McKinney, Texas. Gallery hours for both venues are Mon-Sat 1-5pm, 2nd Saturday 1-10pm or by appointment. Free admission. 214.914.3630. www.lauramooreart.com

Information provided by Laura Moore Fine Art Studios.

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