8a. Ty Fawley

artist’s statement

CREATIVITY is ingrained in those that are consumed by it. I view the word and the gifts it offers, and endeavor to create through brush and canvas the view that I witness. COLOR is a gift given to us, and the tones and hues are to be revealed via the frame of the world I see.  This is my goal.


white-lillieI began drawing and painting early in life…doodles during class.  In high school my painting and drawings were shared with family and friends. During my attendance at Texas Lutheran University, my desire for creativity expanded with the support of art professors and advisors. However, family responsibility established other priorities.  30 years later, a double bypass surgery got my attention, and during recovery at home, I found my old easel and picked up the brush again.

Since that time my pieces have been displayed in several local galleries, SoDaVis Gallery in Frisco, Gallery 8680 in Frisco, The Frisco City Gallery, The Artist Showplace in Dallas, and the Texas Visual Arts Association Gallery in downtown Dallas.  Two works were included in the Fine Art Club Auction in Dallas. Also in 2015 and 2016, 4 works were selected by the Frisco City Art Board for display in the Frisco City Hall Atrium for the city Art in the Atrium show. Numerous works in acrylic and watercolor are displayed in numerous homes in Texas and other states.

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