3b. Milessa Murphy Stewart


Milessa Murphy Stewart

Milessa Murphy Stewart is a Modern Impressionist whose magnificent paintings capture beautiful color and treasures of life that are unforgettable.  Her collectors simply know her as “milessa“, as seen by her signature.  She was raised in West Texas and knew she was destined to be an artist.  At the age of eight she enrolled and was accepted into an art institute only to be told by her mother that she was “too young” and would have to wait until she grew up to go.  Art is engrained into her soul.

She, like the Impressionist’s of the 19th century, gets her inspirations from her surroundings and loves en plein aire.  Her paintings include realism, abstract and even some surrealism.  However, it’s her play with color that will attract you.  It is pure and unabridged; a palette of energetic colors bringing forth happiness and joy.


One of Milessa’s series, called Dreamscapes, is described in her own words as “an impressionistic view of my reality.  They tell stories of places I’ve been with a mix of historical art and humor.”

Her current works the #MMSProject52 is a yearlong project inspired by the public art sculptures in Frisco, Texas.

Milessa is very passionate about her art…she follows her dreams and connects with her intuition.


Artist Milessa Murphy Stewart

Milessa Murphy Stewart is #3a on the Tour Map
Guest of The Roots Bar
6142 Frisco Square Boulevard