7a. Misty Oliver-Foster

artist’s statement

“In my work, I combine line and symbolic use of color, along with imagery (both created and found), to craft personal and universal statements about the shared human experience.  While working, I process ideas on relationships, gender roles, expectations, motherhood, femininity, mortality, superficiality and spirituality.

about the artist

Misty Oliver-Foster is a north Texas native, who came to Frisco in 2006.  She grew up in Windom, a small town in Fannin County, where she spent many hours drawing, writing and performing in theater.   Oliver-Foster later received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of North Texas.  She currently works from her studio in Frisco.

Misty is active in her local arts community.  She is the creative director for ArtSeen, hoping to inspire artists in their work and provide opportunities for working artists. She also teaches workshops and lectures, with an emphasis on creativity and inspiration.

You may see more of Misty’s work at www.moliverfoster.com (fine art portfolio) and www.freshpaints.com (studio).  She will be at her home studio during the tour.

Misty Oliver-Foster

photo credit Brad Sharp

Misty Oliver-Foster is #7a on the Tour Map
Fresh Paint Studio
7644 Williams Avenue

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