7d. Kelly Jacobi

The world is full of fantastic things, some of my favorites being the way people glance at each other, the smell of a wind-filled storm as it encroaches on the city, the tingling of my nerves after my feet slide on a hardwood floor, and the sadnesses and joys and visceral experiences that comprise life. Living is a chaotic and speedy affair, as solid as quicksand and transient as the Texas morning dew. I turn to my art as a means of dallying with things I find interesting. Shapes, colors, and emotions which linger in my mind all find their home in my art.

I employ pen and ink in an exploration of life through shape and line to imbue blank pages with character.

about the artist
Kelly Jacobi is a Dallas, Texas, based artist who works by day as a graphic designer at an outdoor safety education company and spends her evenings engaged in various creative pursuits including drawing, painting, singing, writing and gardening. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s of Art in Art and Performance with a concentration in Visual Art through the University of Texas at Dallas. She enjoys reading and is amassing a modest collection of animal skulls which she plans to use for sculptures in the near future.

See more of Kelly’s work on her web site kjacobi.com.

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