What is ArtSeen?

ArtSeen is a collaboration of  visual artists,  making art and getting it seen.  The ArtSeen Tour is a program of thegallery8680.  We are supported by local sponsors and through grants from Frisco Association for the Arts.

What do we do?

Our primary event is our annual ArtSeen Studio Tour each October, featuring artists,  studios and exhibits in Frisco.  This will be our 6th year (2016), and each year gets bigger and better!

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Misty Oliver-Foster,  ArtSeen Creative Director

A native of north Texas, Misty came to Frisco in 2006 and has since been active in the arts community here.  She works as an artist and has a passion for promoting visual artists and their work.   Find out more about Misty and her work at  moliverfoster.com and freshpaints.com.

My PhotoRobyn Parker Feehan, Director of thgallery8680

 Robyn is a visionary who is working to expand the opportunities for artists in the North Texas region.  She is the director for thegallery8680, a non-profit gallery space located at 8680 W. Main Street in Frisco.   She works tirelessly to promote both established and emerging artists from the area, with many curated and juried shows each year. Find out more at thegallery8680.com.

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