3a. Walter Kane


“I like to build things and I don’t like to throw the scraps away. The result was a garage full of building material pieces that most people would consider trash. A midlife career change left me with some time on my hands and a desire to clean the garage. Still unable to throw anything away I started using the scraps of wood as canvases, drawing on them with spackle and drywall mud. I experimented with acrylic paint and wood stain and various shellacs and varnishes, ceramic tile and wall paper, all the remnants of construction projects. Now I create on all sorts of repurposed canvases, including cardboard boxes, drywall panels, guitars and old framed art. So, inspired by the colors in sunsets, the symmetry of flowers, the geometry of construction and also Van Gogh, the impressionists, abstract expressionism and my wife Susie, I create. My garage is still not clean.”

You may see more of Walter’s work on his Facebook Page @WalterKaneArtPage, or contact Walter at wakane@sbcglobal.net.


Walter Kane is #3a on the Tour Map
Guest of The Roots Bar
6142 Frisco Square Boulevard

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