4a. Paige Prater

Paige Prater

about the artist

Paige Prater is a late-blooming artist. She failed a 7th grade drawing class in San Diego, CA, where she grew up, only to later redeem her past during her undergraduate studies at the University of North Texas in Denton. After successfully learning the basics of design, drawing, and painting, she went on to teach private art lessons and obtain her M.A. in Art History from the University of North Texas in 2013.

3Paige currently volunteers as Communications Coordinator for the Visual Arts Guild of Frisco and has sold several paintings locally. She also serves Frisco Arts, the Official Art Agency of the City of Frisco, as Marketing and Exhibits Coordinator at the Frisco Discovery Center and teaches Art Appreciation classes for El Centro College and Collin College.

While acrylic painting is her medium of choice, Paige has also played with oil pastels, woodcut relief printmaking, small-scale sculpture and more recently, colored pencils.  Thematically, her art reflects a macabre sense of humor or a hopeful realism meant to engage the viewer to consider issues surrounding what it means to live or die.

You may contact Paige to purchase her art at artwithpaige@gmail.com

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