8d. Janine Maupin


artist’s statement

I typically express my creativity in 3-D form, usually a mixed media assemblage, mosaic, or jewelry. Finished items are given as unique gifts, adorn my office or home, sold at Art Fairs, or temporarily hung in local galleries.

Most of the results would be considered Folk Art style as I am self taught (except for a few classes and workshops along the way), and use materials that are available in my everyday life. Sometimes it is used items, such as rusted pieces of metal found in the street, etc. and it will become “up-cycled and repurposed”.


A deeper meaning in life can be the driving force as the creative process has many layers & it provides time for contemplating life.

 about the artist


Born in 1957, Janine Maupin is a native Texan raised in Kansas City, Missouri. Returned to her homeland in 1980. Received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Avila College in 1979, presently employed as a School Nurse at a FISD school. Resides in McKinney, TX with her husband and daughter. There must be routine time in the art studio, to help cope with the “busy-ness of life”.

You may contact Janine about her art at mamajosh@mac.com.

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Guest of thegallery8680
8680 W. Main Street, Suite 1e

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