tour map

 ArtSeen Map 2016 - corrected.JPG

Click here for a  Printable PDF Map.

Print a map and start the tour at any location.  You may also find our map at each stop on the tour*.  Join our Kickoff Party at thegallery8680 on Friday, October 7 from 7-9pm to meet the artists and pick up a full-color map there.

Map revised 10/5/16.  Note the addition of Weeda Hamdan, #8b.
Find out about each artist and exhibit by visiting our Artists and Exhibits page, or click on the links in the menu to read bios and statements from each artist.

Google Map ArtSeen Tour 2016

You may click on the icon in the top right corner of this map for a larger view.  Click on each circle for details about the artists and exhibits.   Locations are numbered 1 – 10, with some locations hosting multiple artists.

*Here are some other places to pick up one of our Official ArtSeen Tour maps:
Bittersweet Ivy – 6990 Main Street
Blue Door Boutique – 6975 Main Street
Eight|11 Place – 7080 Main Street
Mariana’s Taco Shop – 8981 5th Street
Randy’s Steakhouse – 7026 Main Street
Sunny Paige – 7074 Main Street

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