Art Events June 2011

Upcoming Art Events

Here are some local art events you may be interested in.

1.  Tao Te Ching, a new series of work by Kelly Bartlett,  opens June 25 at Horizon Unitarian Universalist Church.

Tao Te Ching by Kelly Bartlett

2.   Art With Paige — Two-Dimensional Art for Adults.  Mondays,  July 11-August 29 (8-week course).  The class covers drawing, painting and design. Location:  Frisco Discovery Center 8004 N. Dallas Pkwy.  For information on this and Paige’s other classes, visit her website:

3.  Quick Draw with Georgi Still (Visual Arts Guild of Frisco)

Get ready!  Participate with us in a quickdraw where we have exactly one hour to complete a finished work (drawing, painting, photo, or collage).

Be ready with easel, palette already mixed, brushes, medium, whatever you need to start a work at 7:30pm and complete it by 8:30pm.  Can you do it? The challenge!  Bring your own still life, a photo to work from, or even a model.  Get focused.  Have a plan.  Paint to fit a frame so that we can actually see how it will be presented. It starts at 6:30pm at the Discovery Center workshop room on August 2.

Practice your timing before the actual date to see if you can really accomplish this task.  Lots of fun! We’ll get a chance to watch each other work and have a completed art piece to boot.

Did I say boot?  Yes, western costume is the dress code. If you know of a cowboy or cowgirl with chaps, spurs, and a stetson, be sure he or she is there.  Please send Georgi  ( an email if you are going to paint, so we can be sure there is plenty of space.


Be sure to see our post on Calls For Artists — deadlines are approaching quickly.

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