Jane Damon’s Photography Featured at Discovery Center

May  9 – June 4 2011
“Floral and Glass Abstract Photography on Canvas”
The Discovery Center
Frisco, Texas  75034

Jane Damon 


Frisco artist Jane Damon is currently featured in the Reception Gallery at Frisco Discovery Center.  Her large-scale, colorful  photographs on canvas feature abstracts of florals and glass. 

 Jane enjoys finding perfect glass images that stir the imagination and wonderment of how they were created.  “I want people to enjoy my art and to feel that they can look at it day after day,” explains the artist.  Jane’s floral abstracts take an up close view of beautiful flowers, so that the petals glisten and you can almost feel the softness of the petals.  “My hope is they get the energy and expression that my art has to offer.”  

A native of Fort Worth, Jane has been involved in creating art since she was a little girl.  She began painting ceramics with her mother, and has since progressed and refined her art.  She now works in abstract art dealing with multiple media, including watercolors, acrylic, mixed water media and photography.  Her creative work now concentrates on abstract and contemporary work.

Jane has exhibited her work in north Texas, including Frisco Arts Association, Texas Area Artists, Mesquite Creative Arts Center, Artists Round Texas (ART), Irving Arts Center, Arlington Visual Arts Association, Rowlett Library, Sachse Library, various retail establishments in Frisco, the McKinney Avenue Contemporary and the State Fair of Texas. She has won numerous awards for her work, and volunteers in the art community.  She is currently serving as the President of the Visual Arts Guild of Frisco.

Jane’s current works can be viewed by visiting her website at www.ContempoArt.com.



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