Keith Blandford “Old Texas Forts and Farmhouses”

May 8  – June 4

Frisco Art Gallery at Discovery Center
8004 N. Dallas Parkway
Frisco, TX  75034


“I’ve never met a shadow I didn’t like.”  – Keith Blanford

Keith Blanford’s show at the Discovery Center is a stunning display of photographic artwork .   Beautiful black and white images  hang in harmony on the gallery walls.  His eye for striking simplicity is evident on these architectural images.   The play of light and shadow seem to be as much a part of the story as the buildings themselves.

Art has always been an important part of Keith Blanford’s  life.  In high school he was the school photographer and a painter, entering competitions in Chicago. Exploring the city, he loved to take urban photographs.  His goal was to be a commercial artist but became an engineer instead, and the engineer in him shows up in his art.

Employed and raising a family, time for art creation was limited, but his passion for photography continued. His main artistic focus used the medium of paper pulp, and he created paper pulp casting for many years. These were included in art shows in Michigan, exhibited in local galleries and purchased for private and corporate collections.

Retirement gave Blanford the opportunity to focus more time on his art and to travel more. Travel introduced him to new subject material for photography. For a few years he worked with both photography and paper casting, but has lately settled on photography as his medium.

Keith captures architectural and landscape images that contain strong elements of shape, texture, tones, shadows, and lines.  “I’ve never met a shadow I didn’t like,” he confesses.  In the printing process he emphasizes these elements. Sometimes the graphic elements by themselves form an interesting abstraction.

“I enjoy not only the hunt for that special image, but also making the print that will present it in the best way. I’ve been fortunate to develop a following of both commercial clients and individuals who enjoy my art,” explains the artist.


Keith Blandford is the  winner of the B&W Portfolio Contest 2011 Spotlight Award, and will be featured in future issues of B&W + COLOR Magazine.  “My plans for the short term are to continue to focus on black and white images and prints of architectural (both rural and urban) and southwestern landscapes, exhibiting in galleries and art shows along with judging competitions.”

His show is on exhibit at the Discovery Center through May 8.

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